Ready to take your yoga to the next step?

Teacher Training Weissensee, 2019

4 Weekends one in January, March, May and September 2019 - for more info, pleas scroll down.

Join us for the upcoming teacher training, an opportunity for personal transformation, growth and healing. Walk away with renewed confidence in yourself and life with tools to thrive and be happy. These teachings will point us back to our own Spiritual Teacher in our Self, they will resonant as truths you already knew. We aim to enhance that steady anchored seat of commitment within your Self by accessing the meditative space of clarity, through developing a relationship with your true Self on and off the mat by learning and using the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga. You will probably experience noticeable internal shifts as you practice your ability to choose from a new place of heightened awareness which brings empowerment and confidence.

In a year-long in-residence training, you’ll learn to understand the body and its anatomy. You’ll acquire extensive understanding of Mantras, Yogic History, Karma and Dharma, Chakras, the Ten Body System with it's corresponding Archetypes, Nutrition, Ayurveda,Numerology, Men and Women Relationships and Oriental Physiology. You will learn how to guide meditations, teach a yoga class with confidence, and correct asanas/postures.

We meet our students four times a year to teach the whys, hows, and impact of Kundalini. As a student, you’re expected to bring what you’ve learned during the training to your own mat to integrate theory into practice.


kundalini teacher training.JPG
kundalini teacher training with Melissa Domenig


Schedule Teacher Training, Weissensee

Become a teacher and a spiritual guide and come join us during our upcoming teacher training. Learn the theory of the Kundalini Yoga practice and how to integrate your newly acquired knowledge on your mat and the mats of your future students.


Weekend I: 15.01. - 19.01. 2020

Topics: Dynamic and pedagogic in Kundalini Yoga, Asanas

Weekend II: 04.03. - 08.03.2020

Topics: Oriental Physiology, Chakras, Ten Bodies, Numerology

Weekend III: 13.05. - 17.05.2020

Topics: Meditation, Breath, Mudras, Mantra, Postures

Weekend IV: 18.09. - 22.09.2019

Topics: Karma & Health, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Teacher and Student


Three certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers: Nirmal Singh, Lead Trainer, Nirvair Kaur, Professional and Guru Sahai, Associate welcome you each weekend Wednesday evening at 6pm and end approximately at 1pm on Sunday.  


Teaching: €1.750,-

Logistics: €1.320,-

Aquarian teacher manual: €95,-

Exam fee: €20,-

Total: €3.185,-

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Ready to take your Yoga to the next step?

Join us to become a teacher for others, but also for own personal transformation and empowerment.