Kundalini Yoga classes in Vienna &

Yoga Retreats at outstanding locations.



Kundalini yoga in Hietzing. Every Monday and Tuesday.  

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Kundalini retreats at an Austrian lake or in other outstanding venues. 

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Kundalini teacher training for those who want to deepen their practice.

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Why Kundalini Yoga?


It’s a practice that guides you to better connect with and actualize your higher self. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. Regular practice will help you awaken your energy, creativity, and intuition.

Kundalini helps you activate your electro-magnetic energy field and access your higher chakras. You’ll start attracting different people, different events, and different circumstances. By learning to focus on your breath and movements, you will become more grounded and at peace with yourself.

The Kundalini energy is all about being alive. All about living out your passions. You shall live your life to its fullest potential, engage and thrive, and live and embrace your creativity.